WELCOME to our brilliant, brand new website featuring all of the work of the artists from Matènwa, Haiti. We hope you’ll explore everything it offers from artist profiles to videos to this “notebook.”

The notebook will be personal. It’s where you can read in depth about the lives of the artists as well as about how our products evolve.  You’ll be able to check on upcoming events but you’ll also read about what it’s like to create an ongoing collaboration between two cultures.

These will be my own observations and associations and occasionally those of others both Haitian and American who are intimately involved in the project.

I don’t intend to limit myself to the surface of things except where we hit up against it, so be warned: this may be a roller coaster ride.


Ellen Raquel LeBow


PS. From time to time I will augment the notebook with relevant notebook entries from past months and years to fill in the portrait of our times in Matènwa.